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The Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) was set up by the Government of India in 1960, in the premises of the erstwhile Prabhat Studios in Pune.

The FTII Campus currently stands on the grounds of the erstwhile Prabhat Studio. Prabhat Studio was a pioneer in the business of filmmaking and shifted to Pune from Kolhapur in 1933. The archaic studios of the time, which were the production grounds for the films of Prabhat are still present and are being used at FTII. The old Studios of Prabhat are now heritage structures and FTII students continue to work at the world's oldest functioning film shooting studios.

The Legacy of Prabhat Studios

The present-day FTII campus was initially a land bought by the Prabhat Film Company way back in the year 1933. The company was founded in Kolhapur in 1929 and moved to Pune 4 years later. A stellar and pioneering film company of its time, it produced several important and iconic films such as Shejari, Sant Dyaneshwar and Sairandhri, which was the only colour film made by Prabhat. Such was the legacy of this iconic studio, that at the time, it was...

Chairman’s Message

We are all born creative. As we grow up, society, or perhaps our system of education, teaches us to suppress our creative urges. And so we lose the urge to express how we perceive the world around us. For each of us perceive the world differently. Like our individual fingerprints, no one perceives the same.

The courage then, to express your perception of the world, defines an artist. Be it a filmmaker, a painter, a poet, a musician. The courage to to face an empty blank canvass, and to make the first brush stroke. That first brush stroke that explores the rest of the painting, the rest of the symphony, the rest of the film.

So how do you teach filmmaking, or its component parts? Be it directing, acting, sound, writing ?

The answer is simple. You don’t teach. You simply provoke the artist in the student. You simply encourage the students to explore the artist in themselves. And then allow them to learn how to use the technology of their chosen art, the camera lens, the edit machine, the pen, the body, the voice, the soul, to express the world through their own lens.

There is no teaching, but there is co learning between the teacher and the taught. In a way, to relearn your creative expression also involves a process of unlearning.

I look forward to an immense learning and unlearning experience for myself, in my tenure as Chairman of the Institute

Shekhar Kapur



The Outreach department was created in the year 2012. The department collaborates with film schools across the globe and facilitates a dynamic exchange organizing student and faculty exchange and enrichment programmes. Students are encouraged to learn and exchange ideas thereby gaining knowledge in their respective specializations...


An academic journal of Film and Television Institute of India, Lensight includes discussions and articles on contemporary cinema, its history and aesthetics, as well as discussions on how digital media is affecting the way we relate to moving images. Lensight is published QUARTERLY...


Established in FTII campus in year 2001, Prabhat Museum is a must visit place when you come to FTII. Other than current activities in the campus, one can experience the heritage and legacy of Prabhat Film Company since its inception in 1931.  Placed in original building of historical Prabhat Studio, ‘The Museum’ is spread over 1000 sq ft area...


Radio FTII 90.4, a community radio station was inaugurated on Jan 29, 2007. Started in accordance with the Community Radio Policy of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India, FTII was one of the very first applicants for setting up of a community radio station. The Community Radio went on-air through its trial broadcasting...







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