Post Date: 21 Aug, 2020

List of selected candidates Foundation Course in Video Editing (Online) from 21st Sept. to 20th Oct. 2020

No. First Name Middle Name Last Name
1 Aashish   Pathare
2 Aravind   Srinivasan
3 Arup   Mazumder
4 Daanish   Shastri
5 Deepali   Sukhija
6 Dipannita   Das
7 ESHITA   Sharma
8 Kamya Rajeev Nair
9 Kumar   Gaurav
10 Narendra Singh Rao
11 Sharad Shivajirao Mante
13 Shreyatama   Datta
14 Vaishnavi Sanjay Khandelwal
NOTE: All above selected candidates need to transfer course fee of Rs 37,700/- in FTII Account on or before 14th Sept. 2020, by 2 pm. 

Details of the FTII bank account will be shared in the email which will be sent on or before 11th Sept. 2020, 11 am. If any such email is not received by any of the above selected participant(s), may please communicate the same
Failing to transfer course fee within due date & time, offer of admission will be cancelled.