Post Date: 29 Oct, 2019

Basic Acting Workshop for Children in Jaipur from 22nd Dec. 2019 to 05th Jan. 2020

Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, under its Skilling India in Film & Television (SKIFT) initiative, in association with The Open Space Society (TOSS), Jaipur, announces 15 days Basic Acting Workshop for Children on TOSS campus, Jaipur.

Following are the details in this regard;

(1)    Dates: 22nd Dec. 2019 to 05th Jan. 2020 (15 days including Saturdays & Sundays)

(2)    Age of Participants:
(a) 07 to 12 years as on 01st Dec. 2019 – Morning batch
(b) 13 to 17 years as on 01st Dec. 2019 – Afternoon batch

(3)    Timings:
(a)    10 am to 1.30 pm – Morning batch and
(b)    2.30 to 06 pm – Afternoon batch

(4)    No. of participants: 25 in Morning & 25 in Afternoon batch. Course will not be conducted if there are less than 20 participants per batch.

(5)    Nationality: Indian

(6)    Venue: The Open Space Society (TOSS), 142, Frontier Colony, Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur – 302 004

(7)    Fees: Rs 17,700/- per participant – inclusive of GST. (Demand Draft to be drawn in favour of “Accounts Officer, Film & TV Institute of India, Pune”, and must be payable at Pune)

(8)    Last date to apply: 20th Nov. 2019 by 4 pm

(9)    Course Director (Faculty Member): Shri Devendranath Shankarnarayanan

(10)    How to apply: Download application form from websites of FTII or TOSS. Fill in all details, attach Demand Draft of Rs 17,700/- and send it by speed post/ courier or deliver it in person to

Ms Shilpi Batra Advani,
The Open Space Society (TOSS),  
142, Frontier Colony,
Adarsh Nagar,
Jaipur –302 004

so as to reach on or before 20th Nov. 2019 by 4 pm.”

(11) On envelope of application at top left, write “Application for Basic Acting Workshop for Children”. Incomplete applications, applications without required Demand Draft, applications received after due date & time etc will be rejected.

(12)    Medium of Instructions: The medium of instruction would be mainly English and partly Hindi. Participants are expected to have adequate knowledge of English and/ or Hindi as regards to reading, writing & speaking.

(13) Selection Criteria: First – Come – First – Served basis. However, course will be conducted only if the minimum strength of 20 participants per batch is reached. Selected candidates would be communicated by email. Course fees of the selected candidates will be non – refundable under any circumstances. Demand Drafts of non–selected candidates would be returned within 05 days.

(14) Certificates: All participants would be given participation certificate on successful completion of the course. Minimum 90% attendance is mandatory.

(15) Accommodation: Outstation participants may please note TOSS, Jaipur may facilitate for accommodation in Jaipur on additional payment. Please contact Ms Shilpi Batra, 9610082222, for the same.

(16) Queries: For any queries contact following persons;
(i) At TOSS, Jaipur, Ms Shilpi Batra, 9610082222,
(ii) At FTII, Pune, Prof. Sandeep Shahare – 9923242654,

(17) About the Course Director: Shri Devendranath Shankarnarayanan

A performance researcher, theatre practitioner, and acting coach, Devendranath Shankaranarayanan is a Master of International Performance Research from University of Warwick (UK), University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), and University of Helsinki/ Tampere (Finland) with Erasmus Mundus scholarship of European Union. He is also a recipient of Young Artist Scholarship by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India.

He has been working on an independent project focusing on the possibilities of ‘performance’ in everyday life. His areas of interest include education methodologies and psychophysical training, and he has been conducting workshops incorporating various performance methods since 2000.

Currently a freelance faculty and a theatre practitioner, he was the Course Director and the Faculty Head of Mindscreen Film Institute (MFI) Chennai. He is also a visiting faculty to various institutes including KR Narayanan National Institute of Visual Science and Arts, Kotayam; Malayalam University, Kerala; School of Drama and Fine Arts, University of Calicut, Kerala; IIIT Hyderabad; and an education consultant at Theatre and Performance Training, Kaleidoscope, Hyderabad.

(17) Course Contents:

General Overview

Following various theatre disciplines, the course will familiarize the participants with a range of acting approaches, voice and speech modulations, and ways of using the multiple possibilities of body and its flexibilities. The objective is to shape and condition the participants’ body and mind into instruments capable of meeting the demands of an increasingly competitive world. They will be trained using a variety of theatre, martial and meditative practices to achieve this.
The focus of the course would be to help the participants react to their surroundings in an improved and effective way; it helps the participants shape their body to better reflect their inner world with reference to their individual perception of the outer world. This will primarily lead to better communication and interactive skills.
The course will help the participants move along two parallel paths: On the one hand, they will master the various improvisation techniques and learn their rules and on the other, they will use this knowledge to improve their own body language and learn to interpret body and its multiple possibilities.

Course Module

•         Body and Movements
o   Knowing the body and the ways of exploring it
o   Body and its energy
o   Balance, stability, flexibility, specificity, etc.
o   Exploration of the space around
o   Focus and actions
o   Movement and rhythm
o   Movement and gestures
o   Movement and emotions
o   Body and expressions
o   Expressions through music and external sounds
o   Body and its postures, language, and the possibilities
o   Understanding the co-participant through body movement and its nature
o   Understanding the world around through the body and the movements
o   Recreating character/s through body language
o   Improvisation

•         Voice, Speech, and Beyond
o   Breath, tempo, pitch, volume, pause, clarity, sense, and memory of words
o   Voice and speech clarity
o   Effective and efficient use of speech
o   Pitch, volume, and tempo
o   Articulation and modulation
o   Voice and effective communication
o   Voice to creative music–improvisation
o   Voice and body
o   Story telling
o   Improvisation–short presentations

•         Concentration Exercises

o   Outer to inner and inner to outer
o   Concentration on eyes
o   Focus
o   Concentration on body and its movements
o   Observations of concentrated thought process
o   Finding out the energy points in body
o   Body and its surroundings
o   Imagination/Visualization processes
o   Meditation

•         Sense Memory Exercises
o   Exercises for recalling senses
o   Games to develop senses and memory
o   Use of sense and memory in a creative practice

•         The World of Imagination
o   Senses to imagination
o   Recalling memory in the form of visuals
o   Connection of visuals from past to future
o   Creating stories and presentation

•         Improvisation-The way of Multiple Possibilities of Flexibilities
o   Improvisation based on body and its movements–short presentations
o   Improvisation based on situations/ideas, environment–short presentations
o   Improvisation based on senses and basic emotions–short presentations
o   Verbal and nonverbal improvisations
o   Improvisation based on characters and situations–short presentations
o   Scene improvisations–short presentations
o   A major group improvisation based on a well-made idea

•         The Ensemble
o   Creative exploration to the various forms of art
o   Mask making
o   Drawing, painting, and sculpture miniatures
o   Music from improvised voice and sound
o   Art installations with improvised theme/s
o   The basic understanding of making a script, its presentations with required stage craft
* It may please be noted that above topics/ arrangements are indicative in nature and may be changed/ omitted etc.