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Documentary Film Competition

Organized by

Film & Television Institute of India, Pune






Documentary Film Competition. organized by the FTII, Pune


These regulations may be called Documentary Film Competition 2022 Regulations and shall come into force with immediate effect.


In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise refers,


  1. “FTII” means Film & Television Institute of India, Pune.
  2. “Producer” is one who produces a film and also has the copy right of the film and can supply/authorize supply of digital copies/cinematographic prints for Jury or other screenings at Film Festival(s) of the selected films and may include an individual or a company or an Institute or any other such entity and shall include a co- producer also.



The aim of the Competition, organized by the FTII is to select Short Documentary films of cinematic, thematic and aesthetic excellence for AZADI KA AMRIT MAHOTSAV, to celebrate and commemorate 75 years of independence and the glorious history of it's people, culture and achievements. Entry is to be OPEN TO ALL.



The Jury, duly constituted by FTII, Pune will be evaluating 75 Short Documentary films for cinematic, thematic and aesthetic excellence. If more than 75 entries are entered in the competition, Pre-Selection committee, duly constituted by FTII, Pune, choose 75 Short Documentary films & present to the jury. In such case the list of selected 75 Short Documentary films presented before jury published on FTII official website



Documentary Films produced in India (or abroad) between 1st August 2021 to 31st August 2022 on a subject/ theme related to the 75th years of Independence / 75 years of Independence / Spirit of Independence are to be invited for participation in this competition.



Three Best Documentary Films of the competition shall be honored with a cash prize of INR One Lakh (Rs.100000/-) each, which will be equally distributed by FTII between Producer & Director of the film.



The following conditions must be fulfilled by all entries:


  • The film should be in any Indian language. The Phrase “any Indian language” would mean all official languages of the State/Union Territories of the Indian Union, all other Indian languages included in Schedule VIII of the Constitution of India and such other languages and dialects that may be permitted by the Government of India from time to time.
  • Silent Films will also be eligible.
  • The Director should be an Indian national.
  • The Producer of the film should be an Indian national and the film should have been produced in India.
  • The Director should be an Indian National. The cast and technicians should be predominantly Indian nationals.  However,  documentary films  directed  by  the  foreign students  of  Film  Institutes  situated  in  India  will  be  eligible  if   their entries are sent through their respective Institutes.
  • The applicant i.e. Producer/right holder(s) should have  the  right  for sanctioning participation of the film in festivals in India and abroad as an Indian entry as well as special expositions of Indian cinema organized by the FTII.
  • Length of documentary Film- Screen Duration up to 20 Minutes (Including Credits) only to be eligible
  • The completion year of production of the films should be during the last 12 months preceding the festival i.e. 1st August, 2021 to 31stAugust, 2022. The applicant should submit a declaration stating the date of completion year of production in the format as mentioned. Films certified by CBFC during the period 1st August, 2021 to 31st August, 2022 are also eligible.



The films should be submitted in the prescribed entry form and format as per the regulations, within the given deadline for submission of films i.e. 30th September 2022 till 6.00 P.M. for submission of on-line application form.


a) A maximum of five entries would be allowed from individuals, Producers, Production Units, Government organizations, companies.

b)  A maximum   of   ten   student documentary films   would   be   allowed   from   film   and media institutions.  The entry should be duly certified by the Institute that the film is independent work of the student.


  1. In case of programmes originally made for television, entries sent in telecast format with commercial breaks, advertisements, channel logos/IDs etc.
  2. Entries    with    captions    such    as    “preview    copy”,    organizational    logos etc. However, if the screening copy bears the captions, it should be so faint as not to disturb the viewing experience.
  3. Dubbed/ Revised/ Remake/ Re-edited version of an Indian Film which was submitted earlier for any film festival, will not be eligible. All films must be presented in their original version/language.
  4. Films NOT subtitled in English. (Filmmakers may please ensure that sub-titles are clear and readable. Subtitles should not merge with visuals/background. It would help jury understand the right context and help evaluate the film better. All spoken words should be sub-titled).
  5. Entries received in sub-standard quality of  FULL HD VIDEO (1920X1080 pixels, 24/25 fps)
  6. An applicant would be disqualified automatically for consideration of his/her entry if it is found that he /she is influencing any member of the jury in and the decision of Director, FTII in this regard would be final and binding.
  1. If any of the declaration submitted by the applicants is found to be factually false or incorrect, FTII reserves the rights to reject the entry or even cancel the selection of the film after the final results/announcements.

9.1 The Producer(s) may apply on the prescribed Entry Form (Google Form) along with Declarations.

The online entry form and regulations of Documentary Film Competition are available on the following websites:


9.2 Each entry form shall be accompanied with the material detailed below

  1. Acceptable formats for Documentary films are Google Drive / Vimeo Link (with Password) (containing MP4/MOV/H264, Resolution 1920 x 1080 file).


  1. The Soft copies of the following materials should be emailed to
  1. Declaration by the Producer of the Documentary (duly Singed)
  2. Film Stills (2nos) (200-300 dpi).
  3. Production stills (2 no’s) (200-300 dpi).
  4. Producer’s stills or Logo (200-300 dpi).
  5. Director’s Still Photo (200-300 dpi).
  6. Details of Cast and Crew 


For any other queries, please email to


(C )

  1. A declaration shall be furnished by the applicant, declaring that the information furnished in the entry form and other forms submitted is true to the best of his/her knowledge, that  the Google Drive / Vimeo Link (with Password) (containing MP4/MOV/H.264, Resolution 1920x1080 in MP4) of the Documentary Film being submitted as required under clause(a).


  1. It is also certified that the film is not a dubbed/revised/remake/ re-edited version of any film and has not been submitted earlier.


  1. The completion year of production of the film is during the 12 months preceding the competition i.e. 1stAugust 2021 to 31stAugust.


(d)          In case the film is finally selected by the Jury, the following should be submitted immediately.


  1. A 30 second-60 seconds promo/trailer (Link) by email.
  2. Dialogue Sheets/sub-titles file with time code


9.3           A non-refundable entry fee of Rs. 1000/-for Short Documentary films must be remitted online at the time of online entry form submission.



  1. For Entry Fee:

1. Click open the link-   

2. Select All India in State of Corporate / Institution, then select Educational Institutions in Type of Corporate / Institution and click Go. 

3. Search/Find FTII Fees Account in Educational institutions name and click submit. 

4. Select  AKAM Documentary Film Competition Entry Fee in Select Payment Category.

5. Fill up the payment form with requisite details and proceed for payment. 

6. Once payment is done, please note "SBI collect Reference Number" (mentioned in payment confirmation receipt). 

7.  Digitally store the receipt of payment. This can be carried out in one of the following ways;

(i) by taking printout of receipt of payment, scan & save it

(ii) by taking screenshot of payment (if using mobile) or print screen (if using computer)

(iii) by simply taking a photograph from mobile

*** A copy of receipt of payment should be uploaded with Application Form


9.4  The last date for submission of On- Line applications is 30th September, 2022 till 6.00 P.M., Applications received after the last date may be rejected without any reference to the applicant. 


9.5  Link for the Online Submission through Google Form:     

    (Please copy the link & past in the Google browser)




  1. Documentary Films will be selected by duly constituted jury. The Jury for selection shall comprise 3 members (including the Chairperson).


  1. The Jury will determine their own work process.


  1. A person will be ineligible to serve on a Jury ONLY if his/her own film is an entry. In the event of his / her close relative being associated with the particular film,  the  Jury  member shall recues himself/herself from the preview of the film.


  1. A person appointed as Chairperson or member of the jury shall make the declaration in writing in the form given in Form annexed to these Regulations.


  1. The Jury Members shall maintain strict confidentiality regarding the deliberations/recommendations of films during panel screening and final screenings. In case of any violation by jury members, suitable action will be initiated


  1. The Director, FTII and/or his/her nominee may provide information/clarifications, required by the panels regarding the entries. They shall however neither participate in the deliberations nor vote.


  1. The decision of the juries shall be final and binding and no appeal or correspondence regarding their decision shall be entertained.


  1. The selected documentaries will be screened by any Ministry or Department under Government of India.

11.Dispute Resolution


Should any dispute or difference arises, the same shall be  referred  to  the  Director, FTII, whose decision  in  the  matter  shall  be  final  and  binding  on  both  the parties. The Arbitration Clause will not apply on the decision of Juries, which will be final and binding on both the FTII and the applicant for Documentary Film Competition.


For further details, any queries, please contact

Swapnil Kapure at


020-25580084 (Monday to Friday- between 11am to 5:00 pm)

Email Query Subject Line: Documentary Film Competition


Documentary Film Competition

Organized by

Film & Television Institute of India, Pune





I/WE ……………………………………………..declare that, the information furnished in the entry formand other forms submitted is true to the best of his/her knowledge, Google Drive / Vimeo Link (with Password) (HD Files in MP4/ MOV format; Aspect ratio- 1920x1080 HD; Video codec- H.264 in MP4) of the Documentary Film being submitted as required under clause


(ii) It is also certified that the film is not a dubbed/revised/remake/ re-edited version of

      any film and has not been submitted earlier.


(iii) Date of Certification by CBFC/Completion date of production of the film is

       ………………………………………………….which is during the 12 months   

       preceding the festival i.e. 1stAugust 2021 to 31stAugust 2022.



Name of the Film:















Production House Stamp (if) :