Post Date: 27 Sep, 2020

Online Winter Film Appreciation Course from 23rd November – 19th December 2020
Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, and National Film Archives of India, (NFAI) announces Online Film Appreciation Course.
Following are the details in this regard;
(1) Name of the Course: Online Winter Film Appreciation Course
(2) Dates & duration: 23rd November – 19th December 2020 (24 days, Monday-Saturday, Sunday will be a holiday) 
(3) Timings: 11 am – 1 pm and 5 pm – 7 pm (4 hours every day)
(4) Max. no. of participants: 50 (Course will be conducted only if minimum strength of 35 participants is reached)
(5) Age: 18 years and above (participants born on or before 31st October 2002)
(6) Educational Qualification: HSC (12th pass). 
(7) Online Platform: Google Classroom and Google Meet platform
(8) Medium of Instructions: English
(9) Course fees: Rs Rs 9,000/- per participant for participants from India. Fees for participants from outside India is Rs. 27,000/-
(10) Mode of payment: Through SBI Collect link available on FTII website and NFAI website.
(11) Last date to submit application: 19th October 2020
(1) Course Director (Main Faculty): Arunaraje Patil passed out of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) Pune in 1969, specializing in Film Editing. Having won 5 National Awards she is a critically acclaimed award-winning filmmaker. She is a writer, editor (first trained woman technician to come out of FTII) director and producer. Advertising films, documentaries, television serials and features – she has done them all. 
Her feature films include SHAQUE, GEHRAYEE, SITUM, RIHAAEE, PATITA PAVANA, PATITA PAVANI, BHAIRAVI, KEH DO NA and TUM. Many of her films have strong women themes and she has been a voice for women. She has been passionate about empowering women and represented them in many forums. She has been a Trustee of Stree Bal Shakti, an NGO and also has worked with commercial sex workers in the red light area, writing about their life in verse form as ‘Red-light Verses’. 
Actively involved in film education, she has been a part of decision-making bodies and teaching the subjects of Screenwriting, Direction, Editing & Production in many film schools. She has been Vice Chairman, Governing Council, FTII.
She has served on many juries, including National Film Awards, and has been a strong voice for documentaries. 
She has won 5 National Awards for her documentaries, ‘Mallika Sarabhai’, ‘A New Paradigm’ and ‘Behind the Glass Wall’ the latter two wereabout children with special needs.
As a keen student and practitioner of ontology she has been involved in transformational work since 1997. She has been a Landmark Forum Leader and has led transformational programs for more than 10,000 people, also making a difference as a life coach and motivational speaker. Apart from writing her own scripts, she has written several articles which have been published. 
Her autobiography called FREEDOM - My story published by Harper Collins was released in 2017. Recently she has directed a Marathi feature film FIREBRAND, produced by Priyanka Chopra. Her latest film FIREBRAND in Marathi was produced by Priyanka Chopra as a Netflix original and released in 2019.
How to apply: Fill the Online Application Form made available on the website.  An administrative fee of Rs.800/- (Rupees Eight hundred only) should be transferred online on FTII Account through SBI Payment Portal at A copy of receipt of payment shall be uploaded with the Application Form. 
Any application which is incomplete with regards to information required, applicant’s photograph or copy of payment will not be accepted. 
Selection Criteria: Participants will be selected on the basis of information and statement of purpose (SOP) provided in Application Form. 
Certificates: All participants would be given participation e-certificates on successful completion of the course. Minimum 90% attendance is mandatory.
Queries: For any queries please contact Mr. Milind Joshi, Advisor Outreach, FTII, on
Course Details
About the Course
The Online Film Appreciation Course is an intensive course designed to promote a comprehensive understanding of the language of Cinema. The curriculum is a basic introduction tothe theoretical study of the art and history of film and the development of cinema as a medium of art and communication. It includes exposure to the world classics that changed how films are made and seen over the years and how the tools of filmmaking are used to tell stories or to express the art of a filmmaker as an auteur.
The intellectual and emotional journey through four weeks will not only be insightful about Cinema but about life itself as the layers of the narratives in the different genres are unconcealed. New perspectives would begin to emerge as the subtexts begin to be noticed and heard. Aspects of communication would come to the fore as conceptual areas of the language of cinema like time and space, mise-en-scene, genres, film movements are explored and discussed. Gender issues, the way women are perceived in society and portrayed in Cinema will also be part of the Course. Film classics, short films and non-fiction films, both Indian and International,specially curated for the Course will be used for critical analysis and study. 
The course is primarily designed to meet the needs of teachers/scholars interested in introducing film study activities in educational institutions, media practitioners, film society organisers, researchers, Govt. officials handling films and serious cinéphiles.
This Online Course is distinct from the Summer and Winter courses done in the past.
Applicants are hereby alerted that this is not a film production or a scriptwriting course or an acting course. The emphasis is completely on understanding and appreciation, and there are no practice-based inputs included in the syllabus.
Course Contents
Exposure to world classics that changed how films are made and seen over the years.
Beginning to understand how tools of filmmaking are used to tell stories or to express the art of a filmmaker as an auteur. 
Going beyond the said and listening to the unsaid to unconceal the layers of the narratives in the different genres.
Insights and new perspectives of life through the films seen, that reveal the spectrum of human behavior through an intellectual or emotional journey.
Discovering new aspects of communication through the subtext underlying the narratives of films specially curated for the Course.
Discussion on gender sensitive issues and the way the women are perceived in society and portrayed in Cinema.
Online Course distinct from the Summer and Winter courses done in the past.
Participant’s technical requirements
(i) A Desktop / Laptop having minimum 8 GB RAM, 1.6 GHz or better processor (Intel i3 or i5 or better).  (Windows / MAC)
(ii) Operating system: a) Windows 7 or 8 or 10. b) MAC OS Sierra or later 
(iii) Audio – Video software: Latest versions of VLC player, Windows Media Player or Quick Time Player.
(iv) Compatible good quality headphones/ earphones with mic
(v) Compatible HD webcam
(vi) Fixed wired Internet connection with minimum speed of 10 Mbps, with approximate download limit of 6 GB per day. (Including three hours of online class and watching films as recommended by the course director.)  
(vii)   Web browser: latest version of Google Chrome (Preferred), Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari.
*** Payment Procedure
2. Select All India in State of Corporate / Institution, then select Educational Institutions in Type of Corporate / Institution and click Go
3. Search/Find FTII Fees Account in Educational institutions name and click submit. 
4. Select Reg. Fee for Winter Film Appreciation Course in Select Payment Category.
5. Feel up the payment form with requisite details and proceed for payment.
*** A copy of receipt of payment shall be uploaded with the Application Form.